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The election of Donald Trump in November of 2016 was quite possibly a seminal moment in the Second American Revolution. It took place much more quickly than I assumed it would when I wrote the book, but I may have underestimated the strength of feeling which had already built up in the body politic. This is like the troops landing on Normandy beaches on DDay, when no one was sure that they could control the beaches and not be pushed back into the sea.

There is obviously no guarantee that we as a country will be able to stay on the beach, but an important start has been made. Whether President Trump will be able to deliver on his campaign promises and whether the four or eight years of the Trump Presidency will live up to the potential of the Second American Revolution remain to be seen.

In some ways, the Trump Presidency got off to a very rocky start. As many have said, Trump is his own worst enemy. He has shot himself in the foot so many times with thoughtless tweets, off-hand comments, and sometimes contradictory statements. In the process, he has alienated some of his important supporters.

Furthermore, it has been an uphill battle in any case:

All of these things are what the mainstream media want you to believe. If you believe all of the things they say, then they have been successful.

However, the reality is quite different. Below I show a list of Trump's accomplishments to date and a list of the preliminary results.

2017 Accomplishments  



     * appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and is busy trying the fill the large number             of vacancies in the Federal courts     

        *   Supreme Court recently completely validated the latest Trump Administration effort                   to restrict immigration from certain countries as part of an effort to better control our             borders  


      * dropped missiles on Syria in response to a chemical attack, which indicates that                       a muscular US is back, after years of inaction and apologies from Obama

      * captured Raqqa and broke up the ISIS hope for a caliphate - NY Times columnist                         praises Trump for this triumph and criticizes the media for not recognizing this                         accomplishment

      * dropped the MOAB on ISIS in Afghanistan

      * instituted the Pentagon's return to a "two-war" policy

      * articulated a new military strategy for Afghanistan

      * gave military leaders the authority to make local decisions needed to further US                          interests

      * encouraged NATO allies to increase their spending on national defense to the                              levels required by various agreements, which they seem to be doing.

      * approved sale of Javelin Missile and Command System to the country of Georgia This                  is a man-portable anti-tank weapon


       * withdrew from the UN immigration pact because it infringed on US sovereignty

       * designed a new plan for improving relations with India

       * pulled out of the Paris Accord, because it did not include some of the biggest                              country polluters and because it was very expensive for the US and open-ended in its              potential financial demands        

        * Recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with plans to move the US Embassy there


       * Enabled the passage with Republicans in Congress of a major tax reform and reduction               bill, which was signed into law on 12/20/17. This is the first major piece of tax                           legislation in over 30 years.

       * took the US out of TPP, a trade agreement which was not in the country's best                             interests

            * approved the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines  

       backed a regulation to promote coal mining

        * signed an Executive Order to promote economic growth and energy independence


        * mandated cutting 2 regulations for every new one created - Trump now claims that                 there were 22 regulations cut for every one new regulatio        

        * rescinded 14 major Federal regulations using the Congressional Review Act

       * signed a NASA bill authorizing the first funding for NASA in 7 years with a plan to send               astronauts back to the moon and on to Mars

        * withdrew the EPA's Waters of the United States Rule, because it represented a vast                 over-reach in terms of the role of the Federal government

       * approved the plan by the EPA to implement a "Lean Manufacturing"                                          approach pioneered by Toyota and implemented by a Toyota executive to speed up              the review process - this is the first example of using proven business methods to                improve efficiency in a government agency                          

        * significantly reduced the size of two National Parks in Utah to better balance the                    interests of all the citizens in the areas

        * started deporting violent illegal immigrants

        * issued an Executive Order for religious freedom

        * issued an Executive Order to stop crime against law enforcement

        * targeted MS-13 gangs - according to the Daily Signal, there has been an 83%                          increase in arrests of MS-13 gang members and associates in 2017

        * allowed the VA to terminate underperforming employees

        * allowed private healthcare choices for veterans

        * gave states the power to drug test unemployment recipients

        * created commissions on:

          - voter fraud

          - child trafficking

          - opiod addiction and recently declared opiod addiction a national health emergency

        * refused his Presidential paycheck and donated the money to charities

Not all of these accomplishments are of the same importance, obviously, and you may not agree with all of them. However, it is hard not to regard this as an impressive list. It is a tribute to the implacably negative and successful campaign by the mainstream media to oppose trum at every turn that little of this is known to the american people. Have you seen even one major article listing his accomplishments?


2017 Results


Not all of these results are of the same significance, and many of them are not new permanent conditions. However, the collection of them is a tremendous vote of confidence in Trump and what he is trying to do. This vote of confidence is unrecognized by the mainstream media, because it does not help their cause. Can you imagine what they would do and say if these preliminary results were just the reverse?


If the Revolution is going to stay on the beach and advance to achieve its objectives, the things to look for include the following:

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