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(1) There are two excellent books on investments, both of which are really classics, which support the historical return/risk of investments I present in Chapter 2 and the retirement planning analysis presented in Chapters 8-11. I highly recommend them.

* The first is by Burton Malkiel, a professor at Princeton, and the title is "A Random Walk Down Wall Street". This book was first published in 1973, and it has been updated eight times.

* The second is by John Bogle, founder and former Chairman of Vanguard and the creator of the first index fund, and the title is "Little Book of Common Sense Investing".

* John Bogle has written another book about personal philosophy, which I also recommend, and the title is "Enough". In this book, he discusses what "enough" means and how you know when you have it. 


(2) Book signings

* Book signing at Cornell University

* Book signing at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, New Jersey

* Book signing at Montclair Public Library

* I taught a course at the Montclair Adult School in the Fall of 2013, based on an abbreviated presentation which I designed which covered the entire book in 8 weekly sessions. There were a total of 20 adult students. The response was unbelievably favorable, and it is clear that I am right in thinking that many people, because they have never been exposed to the basics of personal finance, are totally lost and acting in a very sub-optimal way.


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