Author Donald H Young

Restore the Future: The Second American Revolution
by Donald H. Young


This is an incredibly timely book, and it provides an education on topics which were taught at one time in "civics" classes that no longer exist. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, this book provides the background one needs to understand how to view what is going on in Washington and to determine what to do about it.  

Politically and economically, the future of the United States is at stake. In Restore the Future, I am seeking to galvanize the American people to guarantee a traditional future for our children and grandchildren through participation in a nonviolent Second American Revolution.

This Revolution of the people is as justified as the first one, and it would be accomplished by using the extraordinary voting power granted to them by the Constitution to restore constitutional government. Without this Revolution, it can truly be said that the best days of the United States are behind it.

 In this book, I:

I encourage you to become a foot soldier in the Second American Revolution.

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