Author Donald H Young

(3) TV Interview

- 11/19/09 - Judith West. Judith is the Host of Getting Your Money's Worth web-TV show

Here is her report of her interview with me which she put on her blog:

 Here is the actual interview:


(4) Radio Interviews 

* This is a radio interview with me about the book which was conducted on an internet radio station - - on March18, 2009. I think it provides some useful overview.

* This is a radio interview with Starstyle- Be the Star You Are, with host Cynthia Bryan on July 30, 2009.

*This is a 50-minute interview which covers all aspects of the book in some detail and which would be quite worth the investment of time if you don't have time to read the book. There is a brief advertisement at the beginning before the interview actually starts, so just let it play.

* web talk radio "winninginthegameoflife"

This is a 30-minute interview in which I respond to specific questions.


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