Author Donald H Young

(4) April 16, 2009 - Comment by former colleague
Thank you very much for the wonderful book you presented to me! I find it concise, containing all relevant information, enjoyable to read, and extremely useful. To tell you the truth, until I read your book, I never had thought that I should use as much discipline in regard to personal finances as in our professional life. I learned many things that I'm going to apply in managing my personal finances.
(5) May 7, 2009 - Comment by former colleague
Overall, I thought it was well organized, clearly written, and most importantly VERY informative.  I found your thoughts on term insurance, umbrella policies, and online bill payment to be especially timely as these are topics I have been pondering as of late. (I still pay all my bills the "old-fashioned" way!)  In addition, the chapter on documents is something I need to take action on ASAP, especially given the fact that I am now a Dad!

 Not surprisingly, I tend to agree with your thoughts on asset allocation, stock selection, ETF's, credit card debt, etc.  It is a shame how uneducated the average American is on the topic of finance.  It is perhaps more of a shame that the fiduciaries that are trusted to look out for their best interests instead prey on the clients and get rich, while their clients get ripped off...  Hopefully, this book can empower a few people to take control of their finances and get on the path to financial security (and literacy).

(6) August 31, 2009 - Comment by former colleague

Belated thanks for the signed copy of your book.  I enjoyed reading it and feel fortunate that I have applied many of the financial principles that you wrote about.  It's amazing to me how many of my 40 and 50 year old friends and family have not properly prepared for their financial security, and I'm afraid many of them will never get to retire.  One area of weakness that Kevin and I have is documentation.  Although we have health care proxies, power of attorney, etc., we are really bad at listing accounts, contact information, etc.  Maybe your book will inspire us to get this better organized.

You did a great job writing in a clear, easy to understand way without sounding too technical or quantitative.  Unfortunately, the people that could benefit most from your book probably won't read it until they are older.  As the saying goes, youth is wasted on the young. You clearly demonstrate how important compound interest is and how starting an account for a child or grandchild on day one could really help with the college costs.


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